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So you received a traffic ticket? What do you do next? Please read Fact #1: Automobile Owners in New Jersey, New York, Long Island, and the entire tri-state region pay some of the highest automobile insurance premiums in the United States. Please read Fact #2: If you plead guilty to a point offense in the State of New Jersey your automobile insurance carrier will be able to access the information and your automobile insurance premium may increase. Do not hesitate! Call us now at (973) 820-3304 for a free consultation!

Driving Under the Influence in the State of New Jersey: This law office has fourteen years of experience of defending DWI/DUI cases in the State of New Jersey. There are many factors that are involved in the state’s prosecution of a DWI/DUI case. A proper case analysis is vital. This law office has worked with some of the top experts in the field of DWI/DUI defense. It is vitally important to hire an attorney at the early stages of the litigation that has solid experience. Do not hesitate any longer! Contact us at (973) 820-3304!

Criminal Law: This law office is prepared to defend you on ANY criminal charge that you are faced with from the minor offense to the felony level offense. This law office has defended 1st degree and second degree charges as well as minor offenses. You are INNOCENT until proven guilty by the State of New Jersey.

Family Law: Divorce. child custody, child support, adoption, and department of child protection and permanency cases. It is extremely important to hire a seasoned attorney when dealing with any issue that falls within family law. This law office has the experience to stand solid in litigating your case.

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