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Experience: Fourteen years of practicing.

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You have a case and you walk into a lawyer’s office? What are the first things that you want to know?

  1. Is the attorney good?
  2. How much is this going to cost me?

Well the legal rules in New Jersey require that an attorney licensed in New Jersey be competent and not grossly negligent. What is GOOD? An attorney that values their career and is in it to achieve justice.

I am humble. You are required to pay for professional services. An attorney handling some of the most important aspects of a person’s life shall be fairly compensated.

I have 14 solid years of trial experience across many areas of law. You ever call a law firm with 3 or more attorneys and get told by the associate attorney or partner your main lawyer is not in to help you? That’s not me. You are contacting me, an experienced attorney that is ready to answer your questions head on and will return your call.

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Created by:

Edwin W. Concepcion, Esq.

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